Our Values



We want you to have fun!

We believe that practicing yoga can and should be a fun experience.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously.



We treat our clients and community with compassion.

We care about our students and strive to provide safe and thoughtful instruction that is challenging while meeting them where they are.

We understand that everyone is coming to their mat from a different place.

We respect and honor our clients’ varying abilities and needs, and offer a warm, judgment-free environment for all.



We believe in inspiring and motivating our clients to reach toward the outer limits of what they thought possible.

We strive to inspire our clients to be the best possible version of themselves.



We seek to maintain a positive attitude in our studio and community.

We want everyone to feel happy, calm and welcome when they walk through our doors.

We believe in treating each other with respect and acceptance and maintaining an environment of positivity throughout our classes and our interactions with each other.



We believe that thankful people are happy people.

We are grateful for the trust of our clients, for our dedicated staff, and for our welcoming community.

We believe in expressing our gratitude on a daily basis and every time we come to our mats.