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Anatomy of Pigeon (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) With Rhonda Roehrich and Heather Sheridan

It seems that most people either love or loathe this pose.  Some cite knee issues or tight hips as the reason for staying clear of it, while others enjoy the deep stretch of the muscles around the hip joint.


Come join Rhonda Roehrich, Anatomy on the Mat Teacher and Heather Sheridan, owner of Revel Yoga, in a 3 hour workshop as we explore the movement of our hips and pelvis—in particular—the movement of our hips and pelvis in Pigeon pose.


When the connection between the pelvis and hips lacks stability or mobility, the possibility for trouble or injury will increase further down in the knees, ankles and/or feet.  Likewise poor stability or mobility will affect functioning further up in the spine and shoulder girdle.


Workshop will be part lecture with more emphasis on movement in the Asana.  Heather will lead you in a yoga practice giving you a felt sense of the various movements of the pelvis and hips while the body is in motion.  There will be adaptations to pigeon for those who firmly “just say no to pigeon”, because there are many other ways to move the hips through the flexion, external rotation, and abduction that pigeon offers without having to actually assume the pose.


Date:  March 30, 2019

Time:  12 – 3

Place:  Revel Yoga

Investment: $85

Register by March 25th to hold your space.